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am 29. juni 2012 startet meine nächste einzelausstellung... NIGS534 "the last last exhibition". natürlich wird es nicht wirklich meine letzte Ausstellung. allerdings werde ich die schweiz mitte august für ca. ein jahr verlassen um die welt zu entdecken! da die blamblamblam gallery in dieser form auch bald geschichte sein wird, möchte mein letztes heimspiel mit euch geniessen und freu mich wenn ihr alle kommt! vernissage wie immer mit bar und coolem sound.

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Was a great event, here are the first pics coming in, will make a new post when we have edited through all the 100s of pics, special thanks to MINI, Fredy Flex, Hellboy, and all the artists involved... PASE, NIGS, OSROK, SOUP, DR.DRAX, SNYR and KUMA, Cheer to Micheal for doing such a great job of organising, and anyone else i have forgotten.... I rest for a day, then its back in action, will post all the pics as soon as we have them.....

Bust@BBB... A must see!

a must come and see event, Bustart form bern will be having a one month show at Blam Blam Blam, featuring a series of paintings, posters, shablone work and installation... if your in to seeing whats happening on the streets by one of switzerlands best contemporary artists then drop by on the 17th.... Gallery open from tuesday to friday 4-8 and on saturday 2 til late... see you there.....


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this Saturday 16.4 Nice Try Records Release Party / Exhibit 21UHR

BlamBlamBlam Artists and Nice Try Records get down and dirty on MRZ's debut release grafix!Be one of the first to get a very limited, signed und numbered by the artist 7" Box ''MRZ - Secrets''. The Box contains 3 x 7" Singles, CD with additional Tracks and Remixes + a Video-Clip by Grrrr plus the numbered and signed Artwork: a High Glossy Photo Print, laminated on a framed aluminium chart (182 x 182 x 11) 3D Subway by Sarna, Street Art by BlamBlamBlam. Only 200 Boxes are made. Get a low number for a friends price of 89.- this saturday only!

MRZ live (zh) > Release: MRZ - Secrets [NTRY007]
St Plomb (ge) > Release: St Plomb - Wild At Heart  [NTRY006]
Demetrio Giannice (enterbt rec. / zh)


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The Blamily Transported itself to stuben (austria) which from Zürich, was remarkably close, The weather was EPIC... so good infact that it melted all the snow, this would normally effect any other event.... But not the Longboard classic! Everyone really enjoyed the weather, and partyed hard into the night::::: thanks to Paul gruber, stuben, Alpine apartments,Tina, Fredy and Bazk for the fotos.... See you next year it was sick!!!!

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