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Was a great event, here are the first pics coming in, will make a new post when we have edited through all the 100s of pics, special thanks to MINI, Fredy Flex, Hellboy, and all the artists involved... PASE, NIGS, OSROK, SOUP, DR.DRAX, SNYR and KUMA, Cheer to Micheal for doing such a great job of organising, and anyone else i have forgotten.... I rest for a day, then its back in action, will post all the pics as soon as we have them.....

Artsy Fartsy Night::::

Yeah, so we have decided, every wednesday, to have an evening, where people can sit around, hang out, throw some ideas around, and see whats up:::: Feb. the 3rd of febuary was the first. I wasnt really prepared for it, but what the fuck, it was time to start, enough of just talking about it. It was pretty hectic, but it worked cool, special thanks to Amboss beer, for the nice cold draught beer. Jay Jay, showed some short films featuring some drunken idiots, and a fun time was had by all. I wasnt really expecting it to be a big turn out, and it was not. But with all things new there is always a growth curve. And this was the very begining (LOL) I played a little with the artsy fartsy thing, with candles, flowers and yuppie food served from skateboards.... Hopefully it will work as a regular thing, where like minded people can just come, hang out and chat. Maybe we see you there next week::::

see you next wednesday!!!

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