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Bust@BBB... A must see!

a must come and see event, Bustart form bern will be having a one month show at Blam Blam Blam, featuring a series of paintings, posters, shablone work and installation... if your in to seeing whats happening on the streets by one of switzerlands best contemporary artists then drop by on the 17th.... Gallery open from tuesday to friday 4-8 and on saturday 2 til late... see you there.....


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Big UP Letten::::

Just a spontanious afternoon at the letten... Niro wanted to do a big roll up piece so we were in for a day out:::: The roller piece took ALOT longer than expected, due to the size LOL.... Coming down in the morning we realized it had already been painted over, with some dumb toy silver throw ups... Guess its just a part of grafitti on legal walls, you can expect to be painted over the next sunny day anyways.... so just enjoy it for the moment, and make sure you get a photo when your finished,., this was our mistake.... Its always these times we move to slow::::: LOL

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OOOOH yeah!!!! Next exhibition planned for BBB, come one, come all, wednesday 1st December!!!! TOY TOO Featuring Snyr's Artsy Fartsy wall of fame, and Art photos and Toys by, Osrok, Soup, Bazk, Niro, Pase, Dr Drax,Hellboy and Eyes.... Kicks off around 19uhr

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Every year Omar paints his van new, a little bit of sealing for the rust etc... This year the painters included Snir, Niro, Bask and myself... The weather has been really shit over the last week, so we were really luck that the weather broke and gave us a really perfect, sunny saturday... drunk some beer, did some painting, and enjoyed another sunny day in paradise... special thanks to HELLBOY for the cool pics::::

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Chli öppis Mache::::The making of::::

First we were just going to put some paintings on the wall, a small exhibition, before another.... In the end it became its own... Spilling from the walls, to the roof, to the floor, and pretty much every where else... instead of putting some painting ups, we changed the whole room... its was inspirational, its great to work with other artists, especially with ones who have such skills and commitment..... Thanks to all that were involved:::: Especially to "hellboy" for taking these great pictures:::: Soup

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