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highs and lows, the art::::

So here is the art from the event... If you are interested in purchasing a piece contact, you can see the prices when you click on a piece... Again thanks to all those who made this great event happen, especially spoke and ripz1::::

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Highs and Lows, the event::::

It was an epic night, lots of great peeps, One truth music did a live set, some beers were drunk, some new friends met, some posters signed, some laughs were had::: All in all it was a great night, props to the amazing talents of rips1, and spoke, thanks to all those who made it along, even though there were a million parties in zurich that night, and a special thanks to Hellboy for the great pics::::

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Friday August 27th @Blam Blam Blam, Spoke and Rips1 will be having a vernisage, featuring there latest works... there will be art, music and a live painting show on saturday (depending on the zurich weather) so come along and check out some great art, have a beer and a chat...

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A couple of days before the thrid of july Rips1 contacted me, to see if i wanted to go to an art jam.... First prize a trip for three to "art miami" airfare and accomadation! So I was in, three people could be in the team, So i asked Nigs... We had our crew... Arriving kinda sucked, we had alot of stuff, Parkett floor, chair, power tools, screws, tapes, we even had a sewing machine! what I forgot to realise, It was "Zurifest" and most of the roads were closed, and would soon be swarming with thousands of people, I guess that explianed the armband entry, at one point it was REALLY REALLY FULL!!  There were seven teams, that were given 500 bucks, a room in a cool old house (where we could do anything) and 12 hours to reak havoc!! Our room was in the middle of two other groups, "INK", with Safu, and PS creation, who did some amazing painting.... and on the other side was "Einen Gagi" who did an interesting confetti installation... It was a crazy day of spray, building, planting and filming, Organized super well by the seefeldstrasse crew and burn. Lets hope theres another one next year, in some old house, about to be destroyed, to make way for "progression" Thanks to Ripz1, for the invite... gotta' do more stuff like this in the future, maybe something a little smaller in the gallery::::


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